Both of these situations can be very stressful. 

Let’s talk about retiring first.

The questions people ask are:

Can I afford to live on my pension?

If you are lucky enough to have a full “Final Salary” pension, you will more than likely be able to live happily on your pension.  However, if like many of us who have private pensions, we are not so lucky. With the age constantly increasing for our state pension to be available, I expect many of us have fears about when and even if we should retire.

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Will I be able to get a part time job to supplement my pension?

There are plenty of part time jobs available. If this is want you want there is nothing wrong with this.  If you would prefer to work for yourself and have quality time with your family I invite you to sign up and listen to this free online workshop series. 

What am I going to do with my time?

If you are only just able to survive financially on your pension, then time may become a problem.  You may not have enough money to go out, join clubs or go on holiday etc.   Supplementing your income with an online business can give you the freedom and income to be able to enjoy your life. You will not have to sit indoors waiting for family or friends to help you. Take a look at the free no-obligation online workshop series, sign up now.

About Redundancy.

You have been given your 3 months’ notice and now frantically looking for another job. Money is needed to support your young family  or you may have debts that need to be paid. Therefore you are willing to take anything, providing it pays the bills

So many of us work just to pay the bills, we really do not enjoy what we do; very often it is the people we work with that keep us there.  We may feel unfulfilled, stressed which effects the time we do get with our families or friends.

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