Course in Financial Miracles

In this book, Barbara puts across how women can achieve financial freedom, by connecting to their true self and ignoring their ego. I have just finished reading this wonderful book “Sacred Success”.  

If you are familiar with Marianne Williamson’s “Course in Miracles” you will find this book really useful. Barbara quotes the course in miracles constantly throughout the book.

Barbara starts by explaining how she lost most of her financial wealth, and then explains how she built it back by reclaiming her power and achieving greatness.

She defines “Sacred Success” as pursuing your Soul’s purpose for your own bliss and the benefit of others while being highly rewarded.  

The book has four stages and gives you detailed exercises to work through. Each stage is explained in perfect detail, letting you know when you are letting your “ego” the voice of fear take over and you are not coming from your “soul” the voice of love.

The stages of Sacred Success she describes in great detail are:-

STAGE 1 – The Call to Greatness, this is where you get a signal from your Soul, urging you to stop what you are doing and surrender to the calling.

STAGE 2 – Receptive Surrender, giving up control and taking time out for personal healing, to hear your Soul’s wisdom.

STAGE 3 – Disciplined Action, stretching boldly beyond what feels secure to what seems scary in order to pursue your purpose.

STGE 4 – this is where true power lies – Modelling Greatness, by leaving a legacy, using your resources to make a difference.

This book is about far more than making money; it is way of gaining power as a woman and creating your wealth.

I would recommend it to any woman, who wants to be in her power. Take a look at the book in Amazon using the link below.

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