What is surrender?

When we refer to surrender from a spiritual view or to help your health, we are referring to letting go of control and going with the flow of life. This can be likened to paddling downstream with the current helping you rather than paddling upstream using a lot of energy.

Let go of the outcome and enjoy life

When we let go and stop trying to make things happen, we are calmer. When we are worrying about the outcome of situation we are not present therefore we are expecting things to happen, more than likely negative things too.  If you are going on holiday and the plane is cancelled or delayed there is nothing you can do to change this situation. Ask yourself, do you feel any better getting worked up and trying to change it? Try to surrender to the situation and use the time to relax in some way.  By letting go and surrendering to the outcome we become calmer.

When you are in control mode, you are tense, your breathing maybe shallow and fast, your heart rate increases, just like it does with fear. When you are in surrender mode you are calm, peaceful and in the present moment, able to deal with any situation. So when you are trying to control people or situations you are in less control.

Surrender is: – complete acceptance of what is, trust or faith that all is well without any input from us.

A couple of quotes:-

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.” ~Steve Maraboli

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Einstein 

The more you plan and try to control every detail of your life, the harder life becomes. We try to have control over our lives, our children’s lives, and sometimes our friends as well.  Do we really feel better for doing this?

Why do we try to control everything in our lives, I suspect for most of us it is because we are worrying about what will happen? Therefore we try to control the outcome, because we have fear around the unknown outcome, we can feel stressed and anxious.

We need to stop expecting a certain outcome, we may believe this is best for us, but quite often that is not the case. If we spent more time trusting that we will be ok and able to deal with the challenges in our lives, we can surrender and let go of our control and relax. There is never only one right way to do things.

Things to do to surrender:-

Acknowledge the fear and work out what is so upsetting if things work out differently to what you expect. If you feel you need to work on these fears decide what therapy you prefer.

Deal with your life and business; avoid getting involved in other people’s and trying to control the outcomes in their lives.

Letting go of control, feels peaceful, like a type of freedom. 

No one is saying this is easy, but allowing yourself to be receptive and allowing things to happen, can be practised, so you too can believe in a friendly universe that is supporting you.

We have the choice whether to paddle upstream making life hard or let go and paddle downstream with the current.

Letting the universal energy support our intentions of what we want, rather than us forcing the outcome with our control, is a much more peaceful way of life

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