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My Reasons for Joining

Let me tell you why I decided to join SFM, the six figure mentors. I have been working in the telecom industry since leaving school at 16. Now I am a few years away from 60 when I thought I would be retiring. However, because pensions are not paying as much as they did 5-10 years ago, and the UK state pension is not paid until you are 67 plus. I decided I did not want to be working 9-5 and commuting until I am in my late sixties. Therefore I researched ways to earn money so I could give up my 9-5 job and enjoy freedom and security.

I would like to plan a retirement where I can travel, have money and time to spend with my future grandchildren. I would also like to help in my community and others to do the same. With this company, you have constant help on hand while you are building your business and changing your mindset.

This company is not a get rich quick scheme, it shows you how to run a genuine online business, which requires learning and time putting it into practice. If you think this is for you then sign up for the videos below

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This company is NOT a “get rich quick ” company and does NOT have any “too good to be true” promises.  People who are succeeding in this business have a positive attitude of commitment and persistence putting in the effort and learning the skills required.  If this does not sound like your kind of challenge, then this may not be the company for you.  However, if you like a challenge, like to help people and learn new skills, I am sure you will love this company.