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SFM offers courses and webinars to train you in all areas of online marketing. There are ideas and models you can use and start work with straight away to gain results, even if you are starting from scratch with no prior knowledge. Depending on whether you prefer to earn from affiliate marketing or E-commerce there are training and courses for both. If you already have your own products you can use the courses to help you gain more sales.

Affiliate Program

SFM help you start to use your new skills, to create income streams and commissions to do this, you do not need to do the selling yourself. Yo start on the training modules and you can start to market their products straight away. SFM then contact any of your customers or yo and pay you a commision for your sales and marketing efforts.  The commisions are between 10 and 50%


SFM also has a program to help you build an E-commerce store, using products from Amazon FBA and sell the products by marketing outside of Amazon with your e-commerce site. This is the importxperts program.

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